We invited people to send us a poem, written in any form, on whatever emergence meant or inspired for them.
Our month-long poetry challenge comes to an end, here's a recap, along with some new poetry.
Here's week two of your poems from isolation.
"People get to witness a little of the transformative alchemy. And then we see the gift of a poem."
Walt Whitman, one of America's greatest wordsmiths, would have turned 193 today. Let's celebrate!
Hey there, fella! Lady, hey!/ Didja hear? It's "Poem in Your Pocket Day!"/ Tenth anniversary—the bubbly's flowing/ People are cheering... yelling... Tebowing
The MTA previously announced the triumphant return of Poetry In Motion to the subways—unfortunately buses were left out, forced to ruminate upon the aching chasm in their souls. But the program IS expanding to taxis.
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