We invited people to send us a poem, written in any form, on whatever emergence meant or inspired for them.
This is the story of the little doe who got stuck in an icy pond in New Jersey.
The poem was inspired by the 1920s Burma-Shave ad roadside campaign.
The event, The Poet Is In, is inspired by Lucy Van Pelt's 'The Doctor Is In' booth.
Is this the best poem about the MTA ever?
The video, which features Bukowski reading the poem in his unique cadence, is composed of found footage from NYC (some NSFW bits!) and excerpts from the works of Arthur Lipsett and Gregory Markopoulos.
On a roof on the LES, Fall of 1953. Photo by
Is everyone excited for Poem in Your Pocket Day today? Mayor
Who knew Bloomberg was so deep? To celebrate "Poem in Your
Months after an anonymous pamphleteer tossed hundreds of copies of an
Before you lay down some hard earned cash on that Bob
Awww, before Bob Dylan wrote the songs he became known for,
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