"There was never any real threat to those students," said Wall Township Police Lt. John Brockriede. "He wasn’t capable of carrying out anything that he put down."
More details about the Queens man who framed his ex-girlfriend for armed robbery because she accused him of rape.
The Brooklyn mom who was accused of trying to kill her
Remember Kisha Jones? She's the Brooklyn mom accused of trying to
AP, Zazi (center) pleaded guilty on Sunday Now that Najibullah Zazi
Remember Kisha Jones — the Brooklyn wife accused of trying to
Najibullah Zazi The first of several charges have been filed against
President Obama spent the afternoon in the Situation Room meeting with his
Hernan Hernandez's Flickr Though the NYPD and federal agents say they've
Mazoltuv Borukhova (left) and her husband Daniel Malakov A Queens jury
After the city was moved by the story of a baby abandoned
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