Plaza hotel

Most of the city’s hotels have reopened and tourists are coming back to New York. But the industry’s recovery is uneven because the numbers are still nothing like they were pre-pandemic.
Bonus: buyer also get's the Connect Four-inspired Downtown Dream hotel.
Spitzer's lawyer confirmed they had a relationship in the past.
The woman reportedly described herself as Spitzer's girlfriend and refused to press charges.
Around a dozen protesters were hauled out of a $1,000 per plate Republican fundraiser at the Plaza Hotel after interrupting a speech being given by Donald Trump.
Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, has his eyes set on the Plaza Hotel.
Though the rest of the city has become accustomed Citi Bike program, the Plaza Hotel hasnot given up on its battle to send those unsightly racks far, far from its esteemed fringed awning.
The DOT has found its Citi Spines. No quarter for NIMBYs.
The Plaza filed a lawsuit arguing that the rack is a traffic-clogging eyesore.
The brother of Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev is suing his former stepson, claiming that not only did Daniyar Nazarbayev steal his $20 million condo but that Nazarbayev lied his way into Columbia University.
Mustapha Ouane, a 61-year-old Canadian with ties to the Saudi monarchy, was slapped with a 10 year prison sentence yesterday for raping a woman he'd invited back to his suite at the Plaza.
But what will Eloise think? The iconic Plaza Hotel appears to be for sale again!
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