Playwrights horizons

One of the weirdest, funniest and most haunting plays of the new season can be found over on West 42nd Street, where Playwrights Horizons is staging Anne Washburn's deliriously dark Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play.
The Flick, Annie Baker's new play about the employees of a shabby New England movie theater, starts where the movies end.
Joan Marcus If you see enough theater on a regular basis,
Playwright Adam Rapp etches elegantly bleak portraits of America’s young lost souls;
Adam Rapp’s play Essential Self-Defense takes place in a Midwestern anytown where
As we try to get over the possible snub of NYC by
Oh, MUG, you remind us of a good point. We're smack in
Since Gothamist usually tries to write about shows that are coming up
What if Seattle rock legend Kurt Cobain had married a local Pacific
Most theatres are busy prepping their new season’s premieres, and smart and
As we enjoy these last dog days of summer, savvy New Yorkers
The Basics Age and occupation. How long have you lived here, where
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