There was a note of defiance during the awards telecast, with people proudly proclaiming dignity for themselves and others.
He'll be playing "somebody very similar to Larry David - it might even be Larry David with a different name."
Legos are fast becoming the Devil's favorite way to indoctrinate your child.
"Play" debuted its cafe on Tuesday, and will expand to a bar and ominous sounding "den" in the next month.
Tom Hanks is now in negotiations to make his Broadway debut in 2013 by playing Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and columnist Mike McAlary in a new play by Nora Ephron.
Kevin Smith hopes to bring Clerks to the stage for its 20th anniversary.
Cumming is coming to Lincoln Center for Shakespearean production of epic proportions.
Cynthia von Buhler has spent years recreating the parts of NYC her grandfather was in during the time of his murder. Her amazing project—consisting of the models, dolls, a play, and book—is worth checking out.
During select weeks in September and October, you can get 2-for-1 tickets for Broadway and off-Broadway shows.
Scarlett Johansson, Liev Schreiber, and Morgan Spector in A View from
Ian Savage Of all the performing arts, theater has a tendency
Here's a way to find out if your neighborhood is kid-friendly.
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