Plastic surgery

The victim's case is currently before a grand jury.
Mayhew had traveled all the way from Maryland with her mother to receive butt injections, in a "makeshift medical room" in a Far Rockaway basement.
They also turn away cancer and diabetes patients.
We're in the throes of winter—is now really the time to be thinking about Brazilian butt lifts? Yes.
A NY man living in Tulsa has filed a lawsuit against his plastic surgeon after he woke up from a rhinoplasty surgery without a nose.
Is David Beckham's bodacious H&M ad making you feel down about, er, down there? Are you envious of Jon Hamm's ham?
Working out, after all, is "so not exciting, not glamorous."
In 2011 22-year-old Justin Street died of a silicone embolism after an illicit penis enlargement procedure.
A fake plastic surgeon was arrested after she offered to inject the rear ends of two undercover agents with silicone for a cool $6,000. If convicted she could face up to three years behind bars.
After scores of malpractice lawsuits over three decades, a Staten Island plastic surgeon had his medical license suspended this month and was deemed "an imminent danger to the health of the people of the state."
Do you believe her?
Dina and Lindsay Lohan are totally not worried about Ali's weight loss or extreme new look.
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