Plastic bag ban

"A big win indeed for NYS and the environment!" Tweeted NY State's Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner.
The order by the state Supreme Court is out of recognition that thinly-staffed state court systems are currently not equipped to handle any legal challenges over the bag ban.
A last minute legal challenge failed to halt the ban's Sunday start date.
“Necessity is the mother of invention. I’m not giving up my cat, I love her dearly so I'm marching on.”
The plastic bag ban begins March 1st, though enforcement isn't expected for another few months.
Environmental groups are calling on New York State to strengthen rules for a plastic bag ban set to go into effect March 1st.
The City Council plans to charge 5 cents for paper bags, and will use part of the proceeds to buy reusable bags for residents.
There's an option for cities and counties to charge 5 cents for paper bags, but no requirement.
He also called for an expansion of the bottle bill, allowing many non-alcoholic containers to be redeemed for five cents.
This "doesn’t accomplish the primary objective of triggering a shift to reusables."
Despite having been passed years ago in cities like D.C. and Seattle, the city still has yet to pass legislation requiring merchants to charge 10 cents for plastic bags.
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