A new bill passed by the City Council aims to reduce the use of plastic straws.
A last minute legal challenge failed to halt the ban's Sunday start date.
New Yorkers use 23 billion plastic bags a year. That's about to change.
At least now we know where to stock up on free diapers, condoms, and balloons.
'The sad thing is that probably by 2050 there will be more plastic, by weight, in the ocean, than fish.'
Straws are killing the environment, but could you give them up for good?
Some reasons to consider ditching the straw.
New York waters yielded twice as much as New Jersey's.
The Department of Sanitation estimates that less than 50% of recyclable plastic is actually being recycled by New Yorkers. Come on, people.
Our brains just exploded from the horrible brilliance of this idea.
When you see what appears to be a children's plastic toy
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