"The very process of addressing our environmental challenges is part of how we do address our economic challenges," de Blasio told reporters.
Step inside the city's oldest bridge.
By 2050, scientists predict NYC summers will be on par with Birmingham, Alabama, with an estimated 57 days a year above 90 degrees.
"Their leadership on this issue is not only going to move our city toward a more sustainable future; we also hope it will inspire others to follow suit," Bloomberg said.
Williamsburg is a hotspot for all kinds of entrepreneurial endeavors, and starting next summer, the neighborhood will add artisanal racing cars to its portfolio.
Mayor Bloomberg's dream of bringing a wind farm to the five boroughs seems to be within reach.
Bloomberg announcing his new PlaNYC goals (nycmayorsoffice's flickr) Four years after
In the ongoing effort to make New York a greener city
Mayor Bloomberg will be in Times Square today, to celebrate Earth
Yesterday, the City Council passed legislation "to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
This morning Mayor Bloomberg and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz held court
Photograph by Charley Lhasa on Flickr The Post is outraged over
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