"The past three years, with the mild winters and long wet springs, [we've] seen a huge growth of poison ivy."
They call it the concrete jungle for a reason.
Are there too many plants in this apartment?
No harm in letting the free flow of capitalism flourish underground, especially when it smells like gardenias and sweet peas.
Yippies, activists, and those who believe that people of color should be persecuted for possessing a plant participated.
Welcome to our green thumb series where we'll aim to tell you, or rather, have experts tell you, how to grow the perfect urban garden. Today we're focusing on the much-coveted private outdoor garden.
Who among us hasn't thought they could get away with growing
Photo via staceyjoy's flickr An expert from Rose Red & Lavender
A suspect? (Photo by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist) Wasn't there some woman stealing
John Wilson A New Jersey man on trial for growing 17
If you don't have a rooftop or illegal fire escape garden, but
Nancy Reagan was right about pot making you dumb or whatever;
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