Planned parenthood

Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted Monday evening that New York would welcome those patients “with open arms.”
The traveling clinic is outfitted with two soundproof counseling rooms and a large exam room, a wheelchair lift, and six Planned Parenthood staff members.
'This move will mainly hurt poor people of color. That's not right. I believe in unfettered access to reproductive health care.'
Planned Parenthood operates five health centers in the city (one in each borough) and serves 60,000 New Yorkers a year.
They teamed up to oppose a law defunding Planned Parenthood and other health service providers in the state of Ohio.
They chanted "My body, my choice," and "Pro-life—that's a lie, you don't care if women die" and held signs with pro-choice slogans.
Anti-abortion groups have been taking part in nationwide protests outside Planned Parenthood clinics today.
Starting tonight in Washington Square Park.
"I really do think it's a matter of folks in Washington understand that women's need for health care, it's not a partisan issue."
"Any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood would set reproductive rights back by decades."
The implant prevents pregnancy for up to three years, while the IUD can prevent pregnancy from three to 12 years.
"We are actually facing another legislative session with what will likely have an anti-choice New York State Senate."
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