Remember: It's almost always illegal to pilot a drone in New York City.
PLANE PHOBIA IS REAL. Here's how I cope.
A reminder that plane travel in the 21st century is roughly the $300+ equivalent of a Greyhound ride.
This time, over Long Island.
Don't you hate when that happens?
If you must travel with your butterfly knife, please pack it in your checked luggage, along with your replica hand grenade and 5 oz. bottle of conditioner.
But they missed! Phew. Does this make you feel better or worse about flying?
Luckily, it appears no humans or geese were hurt.
Cops say 29-year-old Timothy Schiavo Jr.sent his bag through a security screener at a Terminal 5 checkpoint yesterday afternoon, and was reportedly set to board a JetBlue flight shortly thereafter.
The snakes probably would have taken care of that problem.
You can't really catch these fireflies.
"Next thing you know [my wife] says ‘Oh my God it’s raining.’ I said ‘No it’s not'," recalls pooped-upon area man.
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