'They're making announcements but I can't hear anything [because] people are screaming.'
'The guy in front pulls down his case...and ants ants ants spill out, running in every which direction. This is absolutely heeby-jeeby-goose-bumpy-get-me-a-gin-gross.'
The small aircraft was reportedly flying in formation with other sky-typing and air show planes shortly before the crash.
The man who sparked a partial evacuation of LaGuardia Airport on Saturday after allegedly claiming to have a bomb in his bag is now saying that he was just making a "joke."
The flight from John F. Kennedy Airport to Buffalo was forced to make an emergency landing at JFK shortly after take-off.
A private plane carrying an NYC woman, her two young children and a pilot, has vanished en route to Florida from Puerto Rico.
It was apparently for "standard military training," which is what they always say before the alien invasion.
Solar Impulse 2 is completely powered by solar energy.
His seatmate became concerned when she saw him scribbling equations on a notepad.
"We spoke with the traveler. He said it was abstract art," a spokesperson said.
Mr. Movie Star wants his bottle and his kids' hoverboards!
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