A Staten Island principal has been outed as a plagiarist after ripping off a nearly 500 word letter from the Huffington Post and distributing it under his own name.
Trump's campaign first admitted that the speech "in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking" but later denied plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech.
Jayson Blair thinks that Lehrer may have acted in self-sabotage.
According to a choreographer, and her very convincing side-by-side video, Beyoncé totally ripped off her dance moves.
The principal at the small Clinton School for Writers and Artists is in trouble for allegedly reciting David Foster Wallace's famous commencement speech during the school's graduation without attribution.
A federal judge in New York has officially dismissed a lawsuit
Within hours after we reported that the graphic designs for No Labels
If your dad is a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar and someone
Zachery Kouwe The Times business reporter who resigned yesterday after the
"In a number of business articles in The Times over the
Well, fancy that: A TPM Cafe blogger noticed how a passage
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