Placard abuse

'If the mayor and the mayor's deputies and commissioners wanted to stop this, they could order it stopped.'
Eight people were arrested on Tuesday for their involvement in a forged parking placard scam.
They reportedly towed about 30 cars to create parking spaces for attendees and players.
None of the mayor's new reforms aim to reduce the number of placards, or determine how many city employees actually need them to do their jobs.
There are roughly 124,000 city-issued parking placards out on the city's streets, and that figure doesn't include state-issued placards. crunched the numbers to determine where placard abuse is most commonly reported.
The defendants are getting charged with creating and using fake parking placards modeled on NYPD parking placards.
A person who runs @placardabuse said that Internal Affairs cops visited him to demand he stop tweeting complaints about illegal parking placard use.
"I think what's happened in the past too often is there weren't clear consequences," de Blasio said.
The plan would do a lot to alleviate hairy wrong-way riding by cyclists coming from the Financial District.
Near tolls and speeding cameras.
Once again, Transportation Alternatives shows just how easy it is to get away with using a fake parking placard.
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