"I knew in my heart something was off. I just didn’t have the words for it."
Gothamist was told the Midwood location would probably reopen around 3 p.m. on Thursday.
'I'm ready to do anything I can to get them reopened.'
The Midwood location has two warrants for unpaid taxes over the last two years, totaling $167,506.75.
Peter Regas, an independent researcher, has stumbled upon new information that challenges oft-told stories.
The proliferation of dollar slices may be good for your wallet but it may also mean the death of the classic corner pizzeria.
On the upside, the food is pretty good at his restaurant.
In case you missed it, here's an inspiring video of a 7-year-old kid spinning pizza back and forth with his father, Carmine Testa, owner of Carmines Pizza Factory in Jersey City.
Just a few blocks from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, an ambitious new pizza parlor, Pete Zaaz, breathes new life into an old world classic with its toppings-driven creations. Check it out!
Grimaldi's move to a new location may be ruined by an illegally coal oven, while Patsy Grimaldi will open Juliana's with Grimaldi's old coal oven.
It's a pizzeria showdown between a beloved NYC joint that started selling pizzas in 1905 and an upstart in Trenton, NJ that started its pizza business in 1912.
Milan Bolich Jr. (1010 WINS) Yesterday, Jersey City authorities were able
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