Pizza wars

Spumoni Gardens is venturing onto Grimaldi's and Juliana's turf.
Grimaldi's didn't make the cut.
With rival Juliana's set to open down the block any day, Grimaldi's opens up a second Manhattan outpost.
The Brooklyn pizza war we've been eagerly awaiting for almost a year is getting closer to seeing its first shots fired.
The story is complicated, involves family dynasties and espionage: it's time for David Simon to ditch The Big Easy and set up shop in Midtown. Marinara is thicker than water.
A licensing corporation is seeking more than $1 million dollars from The Famous Ray's in Greenwich Village over its name.
Coke vs. Pepsi. Ali vs. Frazier. Yankees vs. Red Sox. And
Justice Antonin Scalia and First Lady Michelle Obama agree; Chicago pizza
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