Pizza rat

You're not a real New Yorker until you've cursed a performance artist.
Pizza Rat defeated Dagbog, The Bag Dog to become our new subway mascot.
This mascot could be used to distract people from the problems of the subway, or at least reflect them in a way that brings joy.
Move over, Pizza Rat, we are trapped in an endless feedback loop of insipid headline construction.
For at least five games in June and July, the team will be rechristened the Staten Island Pizza Rats.
Avocado squirrel is here to help.
Just goes to show you can accomplish any garbage you set your mind to, right?
Why doesn't it just eat the slice right there?
Happy one year anniversary, pizza rat content unit.
A trained rat and a mysterious woman named Zardulu are allegedly the masterminds of a "huge" number of viral videos.
Then again, we could be watching rat heroism in action.
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