Pizza hut

This creative endeavor will not mask the fact that Pizza Hut's pizza sucks.
“You do what you have to do. Otherwise I’d be living under the Williamsburg Bridge.”
Looks like desperate commuters weren't the only creatures filling up on Crunchwrap Supremes before boarding Amtrak.
The falling leaves and nip in the air mean just one thing: It's time to investigate the haunted bathroom at one Long Island Pizza Hut.
It's turning into a very schizophrenic week for America's pizza chains as they all try to one up each other in the craaazzzzzzy pizza innovation department.
That is a pie with shrimp tempura, steamed shrimp, squid rings, fish cakes, pineapple, wasabi mayonnaise, and a hot dog-stuffed crust you see before you.
The press release describes them as both "mega" and "mini," but they are really JUST mini. Also, tomorrow they are FREE.
We've long since suspected something was amissat Pizza Hut, but it appears there might be more than rat droppings haunting the red sauce.
Pizza Hut is backing down from its horrible, democracy-defiling debate stunt. After all, they already got the publicity.
So Pizza Hut seems to actually be trying to hurt the democratic process.
Pizza Hut is offering you the chance to spend $10,010 on their Pizza Proposal Package, America.
In his latest bust of online foul play, Attorney General Andrew
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