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Domenico "Dom" DeMarco, who founded the Brooklyn pizza joint has died. Both Chef Anthony Bourdain and former Mayor Bill de Blasio declared his the best slice in the city.

Emmett's On Grove is a terrific new party spot with first-rate food.

The prolific scam artist behind the "Fyre Festival of pizza" may have duped his last foodie.

"When you think about ranked choice voting, think about this."

"Let me just say: pineapple, I respect you greatly, just get the hell away from pizza. Okay. Live your own life. Go independent. Do your own thing. Get away from my pizza."

Instagram's pizza-barter guy has finally realized his brick-and-mortar dreams with Unregular Pizza.

The Bayside favorite now has a second shop on 30th Avenue.

After a fire destroyed their first slice shop, the Aita crew is back with some of the best new pizza in town.

The Flatiron location is using bagel dough to make 10- and 18-inch pies for their "Pizza Bungalow."

At least let's not call this edible paper a PIZZA, which it is not.