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The project, called "Southwest Brooklyn," would add 50,000 new units and all manner of recreational spots to the waterfront.

Never be late to your reservation with a senator or pricey courtesan at Old Ebbitt Grill ever again!

What if we were allowed to legally go to gorgeous and abandoned North Brother Island?

A new proposal from several City Council members would expand the currently crowded Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian/bike path to create a safe segregated route for cyclists and walkers.

So the 7 train to New Jersey is probably (definitely) not going to happen. But that doesn't mean the line's expansions will stop when it hits 11th Avenue.

Wait, if we start thinking about left-handed turnstiles, what about left-handed HEETs?

Watch out Jersey, the 7s might be coming your way (via

A preliminary design for Stonehenge a 7 train extension to Jersey