Woody Allen has long cast himself opposite beautiful actress, but this is the first time that the subtext has become completely overt. Watch the trailer for "Fading Gigolo" below.
A former Con Ed worker is accused of using Con Ed computers to pimp out underage women though during the time he worked at the utility company.
Based on today's "Sex On Tap" story, it seems someone at the Post is trying to shop a romantic comedy about a group of busybody waiters who hook up their down-on-their-luck patrons with one another.
For those of you who've loaned out your last copy of An Idiot's Guide to Pimping, alleged pimp master Steve McDaniel has you covered.
Did you read the story of the alleged father-son pimp team working a livery-based "brothel on wheels" and think 'needs more celebrity?' Well, you asked for it.
As investigators work to identify another body on Long Island, the New York City Council tries to crack down on the men who drive sex workers around.
via Queens Crap "Chica Chica" cards, which are like baseball cards
"Lap Dance Lou" in his more swinging days In a shocking
top left: Kareem Clark, James Kortu, Lathaniel McCoy, Bernadette Mosely. Bottom
Some people are reacting to Hookergate with shock and dismay. Others are
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