The small aircraft was reportedly flying in formation with other sky-typing and air show planes shortly before the crash.
A historic 1920s racing schooner has been transformed with two bars, tons of oysters and some pretty amazing views of NYC.
The pilot allegedly whipped a knife out of his boot.
"He's not an alcoholic now." He's also no longer a pilot.
If we learned anything from the trailer to the movie 'Flight,' it's that only Denzel Washington can be trusted to pilot a plane upside-down while drunk.
An American Airlines plane headed from Boston to Phoenix made an emergency landing in Syracuse today after the pilot died mid-flight.
Daria premiered on MTV sixteen years ago last month.
Man, toddlers are so aggravating.
Have you ever seen THIS Muppet Show?
CBS has given the green light to the comedian and Seinfeld and Simpsons writer Spike Feresten for a half-hour comedy pilot.
The Peacock network, with nary a hit besides The Voice, would really, really, really like you to check out its Steven Spielberg-produced, Kat McPhee-starring "grown-up Glee" Broadway-television series Smash. It won't bite!
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