The suspect was back at it again bright and early Sunday morning, when police say he wrote "Nazi pigs" and drew swastikas on the side of four FDNY ambulances.
As far as eating events go, this one will leave you the fullest—and the drunkest!
In New York City, where a pileup of raccoons is enough to electrify the internet for a solid day, pigs are exotic zoo animals.
Expect to eat your face off with all the pork dishes, plus a tartare bar, oyster bar, cheese station and enough alcohol to keep you eating for the complete four hours.
When you see a couple walking a miniature pig on a pink leash down Vanderbilt Avenue in Fort Greene, you stop to say hi.
State Senator Tony Avella joins the fight to make pigs a legal pet in New York.
Millions of piglets have died since last May; bacon prices are expected to be 10% higher this summer than they were last year.
One woman's pig is "so gentle" he goes to bed with her children.
Now that pigs are sick, it's time to let the dogs out.
The website says, "Rats and roaches scurry all around her. The authorities humiliated her further by attempting to make her wear only a t-shirt and diaper."
The mother of four who allegedly made millions of dollars running a high-end brothel out of an Upper East Side apartment building apparently loves pigs—so much so that her Facebook profile picture is one.
The Humane Society has filed a formal complaint against McDonald's pork supplier Smithfield Foods, alleging that their animals are forced into hellish conditions. Is this really a surprise?
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