“It’s such a kind of New York experience to have a pigeon come into your bedroom and decide to lay an egg on your bed.”
Just some falcon thoughts.
A rogue pigeon flew into an MTA bus, sowed some mayhem, and fled the scene.
'I expected him to stay for a little bit but I didn't expect him to start drinking!'
The pigeons portraits are of birds who were in Riley's dazzling 'Fly by Night' show last year.
Forget pizza rat, not that you haven't already.
You cannot unsee this.
Next they'll tell us unicorns aren't real!
Is this a pigeon-parrot hybrid?!
Despite being able to fly, pigeons are quite happy taking alternative modes of transportation.
Tony the Pigeon has been taking the ferry during rush out every day for years (though he did miss one day during a blizzard).
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