Pier 17

"There was destiny in us coming together, there was destiny in the touring, and there was destiny in the people we inspired,” Ms. Lauryn Hill told the crowd at Pier 17 on Wednesday night.
The socially-distanced mini lawn is free, but the food and drinks will cost you.
Wayō is the fifth NYC Momofuku property in a row to open in a corporate mall, but Chef Sam Kang's terrific menu of big-flavored bar food makes it worth a trip.
'You need to have more opportunities for the public to get in and not just the people who can afford to pay $492,' says Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.
The public is supposed to be able to enjoy Pier 17 whenever it is open.
The legendary end-of-summer drag extravaganza was held at the new Pier 17 rooftop venue at the South Street Seaport.
It'll be a sit-down concept like those in his Momofuku fleet.
A new 50-story tower, a new mall, and a new hotel are just some of the changes supporters of the old South Street Seaport are battling.
With Pier 17 being redeveloped, the annual summer concert series has been relocated to Fulton Street. Here's the lineup!
A Brooklyn-based wallpaper store that covered Lena Dunham's apartment with stickers moved into a pop-up space inside an empty mall reeking of Middle America on the tip of Manhattan. Yep.
The assault occurred on Tuesday night at Pier 17.
The markets will be open to the public seven days a week, selling regionally and locally sourced foods.
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