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The suit alleges that Paul Leffmann was forced to sell the painting in order to finance his family's escape from Nazi territory.

There is no greater threat to America than cubist breasts.

The tapestry has hung in the lobby of The Four Seasons for over 50 years.

It may be good news for the Four Seasons, which is reportedly struggling with lease negotiations in hopes of staying in its space

The Guggenheim presents Picasso like you've never seen him... a majority of these works have never been seen by the public, including 38 works debuting in the U.S.

A man who pleaded guilty to stealing a Picasso sketch in San Francisco is pleading not guilty to charges that he stole artworks from NYC galleries and hotels.

The man accused of stealing a Picasso from a San Francisco gallery seems to have been busy on the East Coast—cops found 11 stolen artworks in his Hoboken, NJ home.

Via Lefty O'Doul's bar Earlier this week, a man stole a