"If you're into what I do, why not be honest with your readers?"
There is a little Thong Guy inside of us all—and it's time to let him out.
Insanely bad example of Phoshopping models, courtesy of Target.
Her pet's body image is distorted in not one but two photos in the spread, each time given a thicker, whiter, and wholly unrealistic coat.
Jezebel offered $10,000 for the unretouched photos from Dunham's Vogue photoshoot, and they got them...
The voice of a generation has landed on the cover of Vogue.
Here's what Manhattan looks like inside of the Grand Canyon.
Why can't that giant Mr. Darcy statue be in the East River?
Ryan Gosling: What can't he do? Click through for some scenarios on how he can further help New Yorkers.
An actual threat, or an amateur photoshop? The FBI and the NYPD are investigating a disturbing mock movie poster that warns Al Qaeda is "coming soon again in New York."
If only there was a God to smite these people, and smite them good.
After an initial rush of submissions, we're received even more inspired photoshop mash-ups. From Dancing Dick Whitman to Pepper Sprayed Draper, we've picked some more of our favorites from the dozens of photos we received.
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