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Is there a city more worth celebrating than New York? Not according to New Yorkers. A new exhibit at the MCNY is the latest place to toast the city, past and present.

Editta Sherman spent 60 years photographing models, artists, writers, and other local celebrities during her residency in the Carnegie Hall Artist Studios.

Here's a preview of the old National Geographic photos that will be on display through February at the Steven Kasher Gallery.

From before she was a star, to the last year of her life, here are 14 photos of Marilyn that you've likely never laid eyes on.

Yesterday our photographer Sam Horine got inside the Hotel Chelsea, which is on serious lockdown with security guards and cameras. Here's what he saw...

New exhibit will show (mostly) never-before-seen photos of the artists in the mid-1960s.

Steven Siegel has been documenting NYC for over three decades, check out some of his photos from the 1980s.

A look back at the Bad Old Days at the Museum of the City of New York's latest Norman Freed exhibit.

A look back at 2011 through one man's camera.