Phone booth

'It's at times heartbreaking to know that something you made can disappear that quickly but quite honestly, it's that delicious impermanence that makes them so special.'
The phone booth will be on site until further notice.
One new poster is installed each week.
Big (Advertising) Brother is going to have to be more stealth.
A woman who was abandoned in an Upper West Side phone booth as a newborn is searching for her birth parents.
Payphones, those relics of a lost age of personal freedom and superhero quick changes, are about to get an upgrade.
Phone booths are on the endangered species list in NYC, but one architect has found a nifty way to give them new life: phone booth libraries!
While some Brooklynites are lobbying to get trees removed from their
Photo via Scouting NY Remember phone booths? Not pay phones, but
- The New York Times is sponsoring a welcoming party for the
While blathering on about the upcoming Joel Schumacher directed, much-postponed Colin
Why isn't everyone up in arms about the new 11-digit dialing
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