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Turns out there's at least one Phish fan at the 20th Precinct, and they helped bust a counterfeit ticket scheme.

The news came Thursday evening that this weekend's Phish festival in upstate NY would be canceled.

"Something clicked, and I don't know why it did, but suddenly, I realized, 'Oh, this is a love song.' And I think I actually started crying, because it was like a key turning."

Sculptor Lars Fisk creates spherical pieces that distort the tired symbols of everyday life.

And a mysterious woman who talked her way into Madison Square Garden was the key to blowing this whole case wide open.

Serial arsonists Phish burned down Madison Square Garden for the 33rd time last night, blasting 18,000 revelers into 2016 with three sets of upbeat, improvisatory prog-pop.

This was Phish's world, a sort of temporary autonomous zone for those who can't get enough of their particular blend of improvisational prog rock "cow funk."