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An industrial-sized propane exploded 50 feet into the air; the flames were at least 200 feet high.

Another woman has fallen and been seriously injured after leaning over a train platform in Philadelphia.

Below, you can see the graphic video, which shows the suspect viciously punching and beating a woman, and then dragging and throwing her onto the subway tracks in Philly on Tuesday afternoon.

A Philly police union isn't letting Lt. Jonathan Josey, the officer caught on video sucker-punching a woman, go out without some style: the Fraternal Order of Police is hosting a $30-per-person benefit for him.

The Philadelphia police department has suspended the cop caught on video sucker-punching a woman in the face at a Puerto Rican Day Parade over the weekend.

Next week the Bell House will be hosting a marathon screening

According to Philadelphia, New Yorkers love moving to... Philadelphia! The Sixth

As Jimmy Fallon prepares for his Late Night close-up, house band

Alycia Lane, the Philadelphia newswoman who punched a female NYPD police officer,

Barbecue and sushi aren’t the first two cuisines you'd expect to find