Philip seymour hoffman

Two years after his untimely death, a Philip Seymour Hoffman retrospective is coming to MoMI.
Robert Aaron has toured the world as a musician, played saxophone on David Bowie's "Modern Love," and has also snorted heroin since moving to the city in the late 1970s.
Hoffman died on February 2.
'As the day went on, I had a bunch of beers in me,' he said. 'I don't remember what I said . . . but the thing about the gay lover? No, not while I was sober anyway.'
The tabloid also funded a playwriting prize and foundation created by Hoffman's friend in the late actor's honor.
His second choices were Chicago or San Francisco.
Robert Vineberg, 57, is one of four alleged drug dealers who were arrested in the wake of Hoffman's February 2nd death.
A source said, 'It's stream of consciousness and difficult to follow.'
It's located on First Street between First and Second Avenues.
"If I knew he was in town, I would’ve said, 'Hey, let’s make an AA meeting.' If I was with him, it wouldn’t have happened. Not under my guard."
A major fashion label reached peak tone-deafness this week after a PR flack sent out an email blast to promote the fact that Amy Adams was carrying one of their bags to Hoffman's wake.
Hoffman's friend wrote, 'For the rest of my life I’m going to be looking towards the door waiting for you to walk in.'
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