Philip banks

No, that's "what this case is not."
"No one will come out and say, 'I saw this on the examination.'"
More revelations about a massive federal probe also targeting businessmen and top cops at the NYPD.
Two top cops have been stripped of their badges, and two others have been transferred.
They may have done favors for major de Blasio backers in exchange for glamorous international vacations.
The police commissioner doesn't have the support of "the city power elite," and the department's biggest booster for the campaign promise of "community policing" resigned last week.
"Some of the falsehoods that have been reported…could not have been more wrong."
The highest ranking uniformed member of the NYPD abruptly resigned this morning, just days after being promoted to the second-highest position in the entire department.
The shirts appear to violate department policy.
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