David Koch, the right-wing businessman and billionaire whose massive fortune ranked him among the richest people in the world, has died.
The museum is part of a growing group of cultural institutions distancing themselves from the family, which has been linked to the opioid crisis.
Avery Fisher Hall will be undergoing a $500 million renovation.
Wilson was extremely frugal despite starting a hedge fund that made him nearly a billion dollars.
"I feel sorry for the people of Mississippi...In parts of Mississippi, by the delta, [life expectancy is] in the 60s. Now what did I miss here? Who’s right, and who’s winning? They are not winning."
"For years, the Walmart Foundation has supported programs that strive to make a difference in the lives of New Yorkers."
Mayor Bloomberg, after being awarded the Carnegie Medal For Philanthropy Months
In a year when charitable giving dropped among the nation's wealthiest
Philanthropy isn't totally dead: David Rubenstein, the Carlyle Group's managing director,
How much did you spend on lunch today? $10 for a salad
Rendering of the forthcoming Schwarzman inscription designed by Pentagram Earlier this week,
Eating out and being philanthropic may seem mutually exclusive, but there is
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