This pilot program is reserved for New Yorkers older than 75, but anyone escorting these senior citizens can get shots, too–so long as they’re eligible for a dose.
Gotta watch out for the ol' crutch knife trick.
The NJ couple's lawyers say they will no longer represent the couple, who they expect will be indicted on criminal charges this week.
What happened to all the money?
The homeless man claims he never saw most of the money the couple raised for him, and that they kept it for themselves to 'enjoy a lifestyle they could not afford.'
A new study found nearly 1.7 million New Yorkers live in high or extreme poverty areas.
The train was going 106 mph—well over the 50 mph speed limit.
"My heart breaks for the families who found their loved ones' headstones toppled," Philadelphia's mayor said. "Hate is not permissible in Philadelphia."
Poor Trump didn't have half this many balloons on his night. Heard he couldn't afford that many. Sad!
"Don't vote Hillary, she's killing black people," some protesters chanted.
Clinton's nomination came after what began as a procedural, by-the-books roll call that turned into a near revolt by Bernie Sanders supporters.
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