Phil murphy

The governor said the move, already required in 40 states, will bolster accountability and professionalism.
The governor is proposing legislation that would create a fund to help uninsured women, though he didn’t provide a price tag.
Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted Monday evening that New York would welcome those patients “with open arms.”
The state Attorney General’s Office said car thefts hit a record high in 2020.
Social justice, Black Lives Matter advocates question whether Democrats know any other tools for crimefighting
The move follows a vote this week by New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission to allow multiple medical marijuana dispensaries to open their doors to the general public.
The governor is asymptomatic and will quarantine for five days.
Prisoners within a year of their release dates can shave months off their sentence.
Gothamist obtained a ledger of payments the state made to its primary testing provider to understand how many taxpayer dollars have gone to support unvaccinated public workers who want to work in-person.
Gov. Murphy will no longer require students, teachers or visitors to wear masks while inside school building beginning March 7th.
The fund was replenished last week after Gov. Phil Murphy's office diverted most of the money to other state expenses citing lack of demand.
Aspiring entrepreneurs are facing significant challenges entering the state's cannabis industry, including fierce competition for licenses, local barriers to entry and sparse warehouse space.
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