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On 'Ask Governor Murphy' Tuesday night, the governor said he expects legislation in the next month or two.

He told Nancy Solomon he didn't have a "crisp answer" on how NJ would respond to defiant districts.

Instead, on “Ask Governor Murphy,” he pointed to infrastructure projects that could mean less dependence on the highway.

The politically connected councilwoman was caught on surveillance video driving away from a collision with a bicyclist

What are NJ's opportunities for going green? For education? And will Amy DeGise's fellow politicians hold her accountable?

As a week of public comment hearings comes to a close, New Jersey is pushing an anti-congestion pricing message to its drivers.

Workers say as they were on the frontlines, they were barred from wearing masks.

Since they were passed a year ago, New Jersey's anti-eviction measures have resulted in the dismissal of 10,000 eviction cases. But advocates say more should be protected.

Individual districts and day care centers will still be able to institute their own requirements.

The New Jersey State Senate's judiciary committee has signed off over objections from two Republicans.