Phase 3

"We've been going to Astoria the past two or three weeks. Every day has gotten crazier."
Indoor dining will NOT return in Phase 3, but here's what will.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city and state will be reexamining indoor dining during Phase 3.
"The data is telling us 'yes' right now," de Blasio said.
The final section of the High Line will open on September 21st.
If you go on the unfinished section of the High Line, wear boots.
Walk into the wilds of the High Line's third and final untouched phase... before construction starts.
Bloomberg said, "Transforming the final section of the elevated railway into public space will complete the vision - something that seemed all but impossible just over ten years ago."
Check out the renderings of the final phase of the High Line, which may even include a performance space.
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