Before she arrives, Dr. Wendy McCulloch has the pet owner open the window to air out the apartment.
Health authorities in Hong Kong announced on Wednesday that a Pomeranian belonging to a woman with COVID-19 was infected with coronavirus.
'Strapping in dogs for dangerous doors-off flights over New York is just totally repugnant.'
Hide your cats, hide your dogs, the 4th of July is upon us.
This week's question concerns the perils of pet adoption.
Iggy was spotted riding the C train on Thursday.
A Manhattan veterinarian weighs in.
The Staten Island owners of a pit bull accused of killing two dogs and a cat, and biting an elderly man, are arguing the city is denying their pet due process.
One of these dogs was found as a malnourished puppy, zipped into a suitcase left by a dumpster.
Meet Smokey, the three-week-old lamb who has been delighting NYers in recent days out at trendy spots around Greenpoint, the Lower East Side and Williamsburg.
Here are a few suggestions, each of which can be undertaken with or without any regard for Valentine's Day whatsoever.
In the endless list entitled Things That Shouldn't Require A Law But Apparently Do, we may now add "tattooing and piercing one's pet." How depressing for us.
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