Peter vallone jr

The MTA made the change after its technicians noted that the sound increased the "normal" level of ambient noise in the area by a full 10 decibels.
Peter Vallone wants to do something about the fact that "you cannot find a woman who has not been the victim of some sort of harassment on the subway."
Well, somebody did not think that Kim Beck's skywriting stunt on Sunday afternoon was art.
Flickr user bitchcakesny A few months ago the Bloomberg administration announced
Any minute now, Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. will introduce a
While waiting for the city to come plow his neighborhood, city
Some areas where plows are needed in the city. Add your
Flickr user Daniella Zalcman The FDNY was quick to dismiss any
From FlySi's flickr stream Uhm, things we didn't want to know?
Flickr user Idle Type [UPDATE BELOW] The Empire State Building will
Though Queens is the biggest borough with the most profitable mall
from Runs With Scissors' flickr Councilmembers are pushing the NYPD to
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