Peter king

The Trump buddy posted the news on Facebook, saying it was time to stop commuting between D.C. and L.I.
"We are everyday Americans who've decided enough is enough, and we need voices of the middle class to be heard. People are sick and tired of career politicians and millionaires who have been there for decades."
"The congressional members in Texas are hypocrites, and I said back in 2012, they'd be proven to be hypocrites. It was just a matter of time."
"It just seems obvious payback," Rep. Peter King said. "A guard at the airport even made a comment about the strip search in New York. This is obvious retribution."
King posted on Facebook, "Great fight. More importantly, I survived!"
It's been 66 days since Hurricane Sandy hit and there's still no aid package. Ten days after Hurricane Katrina hit, Congress had passed $60 billion in aid.
The Republican leadership of the House has screwed over Sandy victims.
Rep. Peter King vs. NJ Governor Chris Christie: WHO WILL WIN?
Rep. Peter King's giddy cameo in this video showing U.S. Marshals raiding a Brooklyn residence has sparked an investigation.
Some contend that the outrage over the AP's series on the NYPD will only serve to radicalize the Muslim community.
"Just like the mafia came from the Italian community, and the Russian mob is coming from the Russian community."
"For New Yorkers, the result is that fear of another terrorist attack is used to justify spying on entire neighborhoods. And the absence of another attack is held up as evidence that it works."
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