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Undeserving dog owner puts pug on skateboard, nearly throws it under the wheel of an oncoming taxi.

Outraged animal advocates are calling for an end to a Lower East Side exhibition in which visitors can walk over mice living in plexiglass cages under the floor.

The Guggenheim Museum has pulled several controversial works from an upcoming survey of Chinese contemporary art, surrendering to an onslaught of protests and alleged threats stemming from the pieces' treatment of animals.

A quacking, leashed duck graced the G train Monday evening.

'A lot of people aren't comfortable with us touring with our elephants.'

The distinguished title came with a replica of NYC made out of vegetables.

On Sunday, animal lovers gathered at Union Square to protest the store's decision to sell rabbit meat in some locations.

A tourist says the horse was spooked, possibly grazed by a bus; the carriage horse drivers say the horse wasn't spooked.