I have contributed to this act of capitalism.
There have been multiple cases of dogs saving their owners' lives recently.
The pet pit bull who was shot by cops over the weekend after an incident in a Staten Island park has died.
Supporters have created a website to track Baby Girl's condition; they've also spread their outrage over the shooting of a dog whose best friend, as you can see in the video below, was a rabbit.
Police say an officer shot a pit bull on Staten Island because it attacked its owner. But the family of the shot dog say the officer shot a dog who wasn't involved in the incident.
An 8-year-old Utah boy wrote a letter to his local paper about his cat being mistakenly euthanized by a local animal shelter: "Yesterday grown-ups killed my kitty, my best friend, when they weren't supposed to."
Just because you can't control what you eat doesn't mean your pet has to act the same way.
How could Willow's microchip, with information about her Colorado home, not be detected? Well, there are some theories.
Willow the cat's family is excited at the prospect of being reunited with their cat—hopefully next week—and says "thank you" to the person who took care of her in New York.
Willow's NY owner "fell in love with her on a ski trip when she was a stray in Colorado, and flew her back to Brooklyn, thinking she was too amazing to leave behind."
Did your adorable beagle run away in Brooklyn? Or would you be interested in adopting an adorable beagle?
This is not Henry, but he is cute (dogseat's flickr). Here
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