There's a history of rat sightings at the theater documented on Yelp and Twitter.
In New York, pests reign supreme.
Women who are licensed pesticide technicians and certified pesticide applicators in New York have increased their numbers by 50% in the past ten years.
They're offering the "first ever bed bug insurance solution for hotels, landlords, student housing, corporate businesses and leisure travelers."
Don't call your Super just yet: it's believed to be in South Africa exclusively, so we still have a few weeks before it shows up in a hotel in Times Square.
Got a pest problem in your pad? If you're in one
Much like justice, bedbugs' wrath is blind and will hit anyone,
After the relative lull in bed bug news since last fall,
Release the hounds. The latest innovation in bedbug eradication is being brought
Cats in delis: they are ubiquitous, loved, objected to, necessary, and illegal.
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