The incidents occurred in September, October and November.
Cops are searching for a man who grabbed a woman's buttocks in Manhattan about a month ago.
The suspect in Queens is accused of three different groping incidents.
This is why we never go anywhere without our Mini Hidden Camera Detector.
Peter Vallone wants to do something about the fact that "you cannot find a woman who has not been the victim of some sort of harassment on the subway."
While swimsuit models were changing in and out of their skimpy Lu Berry swimsuits at a Southampton fashion show, there was a camera secretly documenting every little move of their lithe young bodies.
There's a simple explanation for two high-profile incidents of perverted behavior connected to Mount Sinai: people who work there are horny.
The prominent urologist arrested for shooting upskirt video could be facing even more charges now that police have discovered evidence that this wasn't the first time he utilized his tiny pen camera.
The prominent urologist accused of shooting upskirt video on the subway probably would have gotten off scot-free, were it not for an eagle-eyed former TSA employee.
A Queens man has been charged with sexually assaulting a sleeping passenger on a JetBlue flight to JFK airport earlier this month. Shorts were involved.
If you see someone closely filming a woman's behind without her noticing, we won't be upset if you smack the camera on the ground.
A Long Island man has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child after an off-duty police officer caught him allegedly taking lewd photos of a girl in an ice cream/frozen yogurt shop.
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