A cop says that the suspect would "push his groin up against a woman's buttocks and repeatedly rub against her."
The boy was collecting donations for his Yeshiva before being lured into the man's car.
He allegedly molested a woman at a laundromat before walking a few blocks to grope another—masturbating each time.
The cancerous tumors that he once forced a woman who worked for him to touch seem to have killed him.
Four men were arrested for perving on people in the pen.
Possibly the worst 7:19 a.m. from Ronkonkoma to Penn Station ever.
Police say that suspect lifted her skirt and then flashed her.
This happened over the summer in the Bronx.
This happened near East 57th Street.
It happened at the Dekalb Avenue station.
A pervert is on the loose in Manhattan, police say.
This happened at the Ralph Avenue subway station.
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