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Is this sweet old lady an undercover NYPD officer?

The uploader added, "so instead of being embarrassed about it, she stopped playing her video game and took a picture of it. He just shrugged like .. I didn't do anything." Classic subway perv technique.

Police are asking for the public's help looking for the suspect above, who is accused of exposing himself to a teen in the Bronx last month.

"It is common practice for individuals that partake in this type of voeuristic activities to save these videos to computer hard drives, DVD's, thumb drives, etc."

The victim took a photograph of the suspect, who left at Union Square station.

A five-year-old discovered a digital video camera aimed at her in a Starbucks bathroom.

First there was the UES serial groper; then there was the Astoria bicycling groper. And now, there is the UWS skateboarding groper! A reader recounts her run-in with the since-arrested perv today.

Two men—both named Edgar!—were arrested on the same day for taking upskirt pictures in Union and Times Squares.

A man was caught on tape touching his man parts on the subway. One more reason to stand while commuting!