Colombia and Peru battled through penalty kicks at MetLife Stadium Friday night.
Its diverse immigrant populations (Chinese, Japanese, African, Italian, and more) have mingled with the traditional Andean culture to create one of the most unique and innovative cuisines.
The great Incan ruins of Machu Picchu are on many a traveler's bucket list, as they well should be. Vast, ingenious, and spectacular, this city in the sky was built by the Incas in the fifteenth century as a secret refuge from Spanish colonists.
Sloth was "one of the few absolutely disgusting animals we ate. It was really, really tough, and there really wasn't that much meat."
Berenson arrived at Newark Liberty Airport this morning as part of a sanctioned holiday visit.
Her dad said, "She called and said, 'I've got the permission to leave' and the next step is for her to get on a plane and get here."
Local news outlets claimed that Berenson arrived late at the airport in Lima and missed her flight. However, witnesses claim that Berenson was "at the airport hours before the flight was to leave."
Berenson must return to Peru by January 11, and if she does not, a judiciary spokesperson said she will be "imprisoned until the culmination of her [20-year] sentence."
Can "haute" Peruvian cuisine succeed where Tabla failed?
Vampire bats need to feed on blood every few days to stay alive, and use heat sensors to "pinpoint areas where blood flows near the surface in their prey."
After winning parole in May, American citizen and New York native Lori
After winning parole in May, American citizen and New York native Lori
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