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The Manhattan DA's sweeping move, once enacted, will represent one of the largest conviction purges in state history.

Two Queens detectives already facing felony charges for lies and misconduct are once again being sued for allegedly fabricating evidence.

They found him guilty of three misdemeanors and four felonies, carrying maximum sentences that total 11 years in prison.

They have been sued several times by people alleging false arrests.

Prosecutors say an NYPD detective arrested two men without probable cause and then gave testimony that contradicted video surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts.

The assistant director of the FBI said, 'Rep. Grimm lived by a new motto: fraud, perjury, and obstruction.'

39-year-old Abel Joseph allegedly gave conflicting testimony in a case involving a man dealing PCP in East Harlem.

Sources tell DNAinfo that the instances of perjury "run the gamut" from falsified drug busts to even a murder case.

The perjury trial of Cy Young Award- and World Series-winning pitcher Roger Clemens was declared a mistrial today, after prosecution entered evidence that the Judge had already declared inadmissible.

Eiseman was in a "mentoring" role in the Impact Response Team, which is mostly comprised of rookie cops who perform many of the city's stop and frisks.